Friday, January 9, 2009

Night Training with Ricky

Went packtraining around 10pm up Cowles Mountain (1592 ft). I fill my backpack with 6 old 2L bottles fulI of water and dump them out at the top to downclimb without extra weight on the knees, Ricky is my oldest little brother and he hikes with ankle weights that the swears make him move twice as fast for the rest of the day he's not wearing them. I spotted half a dozen green shooting stars, but everytime one shot across the sky Ricky would be looking the wrong way, like clockwork, everytime he turned around or bent to tie his shoe another one would shoot across the sky and by the sixth time I told him I wouldn't believe myself either by now. It was Ricky's first time at the top at night and he saw all of developed San Diego lit up like christmas or like the way we always see Tijuana at night, and all of the undeveloped land like a field of pitch black lakes, or like a great sentient shadow trying to hold its own against a floodtide of streetlights.